Driftmachine, Berlin – Elektronik Dub & PORTMANTEAU LABS

Driftmachine, Berlin – Elektronik Dub & PORTMANTEAU LABS

Samstag, 09. Oktober 2021 | Einlass ab 20:00 Uhr, Beginn ab ca. 20:30 Uhr


Im Kontext der Installtation Portmanteau Labs WORKS findet an diesem Abend ein Konzert statt.

Driftmachine, Berlin
Modular synth duo Driftmachine started as a workshop where Andreas Gerth and Florian Zimmer, producers of an extensive back-catalog of records and projects, focused on synth exploration and search for a new approach for groove and bass-driven music.The project steadily evolved and the duo ended up releasing several albums on the acclaimed Mexico-based experimental imprint Umor Rex, labels like Hallow Ground & Ongehoord. The duo also produced sound montages for several exhibitions of fine arts, e.g. for Riga International Biennial RIBOCA and for the artist Moritz Götze.
They perform live regularly, working with 2 modular systems functioning in sync. Driftmachine's sound is obsessive, symmetrical and multilayered; a deep and elegant language based on the shaky, unpredictable foundations of modular synthesis.
Andreas Gerth is one half of Driftmachine and a former visual artist who left this previous occupation, looking to sculpt new sounds.
He was a member of the Tied and Tickled Trio, where he explored electronic dub with the Notwist Brothers, fusing jazz with diverse experimental influences. Other projects by Gerth include solo works as Loopspool, and collaborations with Ted Milton and Shackleton. With Ammer / Gretschmann (Acid Pauli) he worked for commissions by the Department Of Media And Radio Play of WDR and Bavarian Radio. His self generating sound installations have been presented inter alia at Hartware MedienKunstVerein Dortmund and K20 Düsseldorf.
The other half of Driftmachine is Florian Zimmer who is also active with Saroos, a trio located squarely at the point where dub, electronica, and Krautrock intersect. Alongside with greek producer Thomas Chousos he is part of Ellicist who released their debut album „Point Defects" on Morr Music in spring 2019. He has also collaborated with artists like Odd Nosdam and The Notwist.

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